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Merchant Services

We offer a solution to fit your business needs.

  Flexibility & Mobility* Online Access Bundled Pricing Standard
Electronic Terminal – the familiar swipe machine x     x
TransFreedom – perfect solution for small businesses x   x x
Online Gateway – take or make payments online x x    
ProcessNow – your on the go, “plug and play” option x x    
DialPay – no machine necessary x     x

*May require additional equipment purchase

Our merchant services provide your business the flexibility and convenience of accepting credit and debit cards.  We have several options from which to choose and each is designed with your particular needs in mind.
Electronic Terminal –This is the traditional method where you simply swipe a card through your machine for easy processing.
TransFreedom – This option provides bundled, all in one pricing that’s perfect for smaller volume or seasonal merchants.  Flat rate pricing is based on sales volume and average ticket.  Opt for either a terminal or ProcessNow card reader.
Online Gateway – Just as the title says, this option allows you to log in from any pc and create a debit transaction using your customer’s card.  No machine necessary.
ProcessNow – This is the option if you’re looking for service on the go.  Simply plug the ProcessNow card reader into a smartphoneƗ or tabletƗ and you can accept payments wherever you are.
DialPay – Don’t want the cost of a terminal? This option provides for authorizations to be obtained over the phone instead of machine.
ƗDevice subject to minimum system requirements.  Android OS must be 4.0 or higher; Apple iOS must be 7.0 or higher.

Call 502-227-1622 for pricing and details

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Automated Clearing House, or ACH, origination allows any business to create electronic payments and/or deposits.

This service allows you to receive direct deposits or make direct payments such as payroll and accounts payable.  Other debit transactions include:

  • utility payments
  • membership fees or dues
  • insurance premiums
  • and more.

ACH can help you Increase your business efficiency and improve service to your customers.

  • Save money by eliminating check writing, no check or postage costs
  • Eliminate lost checks in the mail
  • Save time and money from processing costs
  • Improve cash flow
  • Make and receive payments faster, safer, and conveniently
  • Give your employees more convenience

Minimum monthly fee: $25.00 (includes first 500 items)
Over 500: $0.05 per item

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Don’t always have the time or staff for daily trips to the bank? We have the solution - Merchant Capture.

Merchant Capture, sometimes called Remote Deposit Capture, is a convenient way to make check deposits. This browser-based application ensures ease of use for daily deposit preparation and accessibility of archive files for research needs.

  • Save time preparing your deposit
  • Save a trip to the bank
  • Plus, it’s secure.

Use our browser-based application to log on securely from your office computer.

  • Our easy -to-use application interface guides you through the process.
  • Checks are scanned using a small scanner we provide for you.
  • Captured check images are transmitted to the bank via a secure transmission.
  • Fully automated image-and-data workflow captures, validates and corrects. Duplicate item detection ensures individual items are only deposited once.
  • Once the images are received by the bank, they are posted to your business account.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that the deposit has been successfully transmitted.
  • Data capture greatly simplifies daily deposit preparation and can improve accuracy.
  • Electronic image archive makes check images accessible 24/7 for research and dispute resolution.

Streamline your day-to-day operations and run your business on your terms.

Monthly Fee: $25.00 which includes software, additional rental fee may apply.
Onsite Install and Implementation Fee: $100.00
Per Item: $0.10 (A maximum of 250 items per deposit.)
Per Deposit: $1.50 for each deposit.

Positive Pay – Fraud Detection

Positive Pay is our check fraud deterrent tool. If your business issues a lot of checks, this service can help protect you from check fraud. On a daily basis you provide the bank with a list of issued checks and we will compare that list to the checks that have been presented for payment. Each morning you will log in through online banking and approve or deny any suspicious items.

This service can be helpful with your accounting process, as you can pull a list of all checks paid, or a list of all issued checks, or outstanding checks.

Programs Offered:

  • Standard Verification – Merchant deposits approved paper check at bank & is responsible for lost funds on returned checks. Approval is available via POS with check reader or via website and IVR.
  • Standard Guarantee – Merchant deposits approved paper check at bank & CrossCheck will reimburse merchant for lost funds on returned checks. Approval is available via POS with check reader or via website and IVR.
  • Premium Verification – Using a check reader, a paper check is electronically converted for deposit. If the check is returned, the merchant is responsible for lost funds. No website or IVR processing is available due to the need to electronically convert the check.

Premium Guarantee – Using either a check reader or imager, a paper check is converted electronically for deposit and CrossCheck will reimburse for any returned checks provided processed correctly. If a reader is used, merchant must send checks to CrossCheck weekly. No website or IVR processing available as these services do not capture the information for conversion.

Please call the eBranch at 502-227-1622 for pricing and more information.

Customized Gift Cards

Your business can easily and cost effectively offer customized gift cards and loyalty cards to your customers. This product is available to our current Merchant Services customers.

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Employee Benefit Services

Employee Benefit Plans are a necessity in today’s competitive job market. A Plan not only provides for your retirement, but also can save money for your business. In addition, it can help attract and maintain highly qualified employees. 

At Farmers Bank & Capital Trust Co, we can help you design a plan to meet your unique needs. We offer many types of Defined Contribution Plans (Money Purchase, Profit Sharing, 401(k), and IRAs) that give you the flexibility to build a great retirement plan for you and your employees. Our comprehensive services for employee benefit plans and IRAs include Plan Trustee Services, Custodial Services, and Investment Management. 

For more information call us at (502) 227-1611 or toll free at (888) 416-1611. 

Assets of Farmers Bank’s Trust and Investment Services are not: 1) deposits or other obligations of, nor are they guaranteed by Farmers Bank & Capital Trust Co., or any of the affiliates of Farmers Capital Bank Corporation; 2) are not insured by the FDIC, any agency, Farmers Bank & Capital Trust Co., or any of the affiliates of Farmers Capital Bank Corporation and 3) are subject to investment risk including loss in value.

Bulk VISA Gift Card purchases

Buy larger quantities of pre-funded, single use VISA Gift Cards. Perhaps you need 50 for your employee holiday gifts? Bonus time? We can accommodate the purchase of multiple cards. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of large quantities.

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