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Corporate Account Takeover

Corporate Account Takeover is very real and can happen to anyone. Your defense is to be prepared. Remember the 3 C’s of Corporate Account Takeover:

Clarity. Understanding what Corporate Account Takeover really is and how to mitigate your risk through implementing sound business practices appropriate to your organization’s role in the Network.

Cooperation. Financial institutions and their business customers must work together and be vigilant to deter the risk of Corporate Account Takeover.

Communication. Follow NACHA and Regional Payments Associations communications on Corporate Account Takeover. NACHA is collaborating with cross-industry groups on communications and Regional Payment Associations on education opportunities.

More information from the National Automated Clearing House Association is contained in this whitepaper.

The FCC provides these 10 Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Business

Data Security, Cybersecurity … these aren’t just buzz words; they are the most important aspects of the relationship you have with your customers. We’ve provided you with some tools and information that will help you protect your data, your customers’ data, and ensure the latest information technology practices are available to you.