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For Support Please Call:
(502) 227.1622
(502) 227.1601
(800) 275.8227

To protect your security, please DO NOT include any personally identifiable information including SSN, account numbers of any kind, Internet Banking passwords etc. We will never ask you to send personal or financial information by, in response to, or via a link in an email or social media posting.
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Who can I call about my account(s)?
Our FACT Department at 502.227.1601 or 800.275.8227 which is our automated telephone anytime banking service.

What is your Routing Number?

What are your cutoff times for Branch’s, Online Banking, TABS, and Bill Pay (Express Pay)?
Branches, Internet Banking and TABS cutoff is 5pm Monday through Friday for same day posting to your account.

What are your branch hours?
Location & Hours

Do you charge to give me my balance over the phone?

Do you charge to do a transfer over the phone?

Can I get my account number over the phone?
No, we cannot give that information over the phone.

Can I verify a check drawn on your bank?
Yes, you may call our FACT Department at 502.227.1601.

Do you charge a daily fee for being over drawn?

Can you do a credit reference?
Not over the phone, we must have something in writing.

What number do I call for Online Banking or TABS questions?
502.227.1622 or 502.227.1601.

What number do I call for Bill Pay (Express Pay) questions?
502.227.1622 or 866.890.5411

Why do I have to change my password? this is inconvenient.
For security reasons we require you to change your password every six months.

Do you charge for Bill Pay (Express Pay)?

Can you enroll me in Bill Pay (Express Pay)?
No, you must first enroll for Online Banking and then click on Personal Bill Pay under Transactions.

What happens to my card when it’s left in the ATM?
They are sent to our Bank Card department for evaluation. You may call 502.227.1622 or 800.928.2268 for more information.

Why won’t my card work, I have money?
There is a variety of reasons, please call 502.227.1622 or 800.928.2268

How do I get a credit report?
For your yearly free credit report CLICK HERE. If you think you may be a victim of identity theft, Click Here